Thank you very much for visiting my website! With text and images, I create stories. Text and images complement each other well: with text it is possible to describe abstract concepts comprehensively and precisely, with images physical things can be shown well. For example: it is difficult to describe what a house looks like, but a photo of the house shows that quickly and clearly. But the photo does not show exactly the dimensions of the house. For that, text is better suited. Images can evoke strong emotions and text can describe those emotions extensively and precisely.


For the imagery, I take pictures of landscapes, city views and people. For the content of the texts, I interview people, watch documentaries and read articles in the various media on the subject at hand.


The connecting factor between my subjects is the question: 'What does something look like in a certain time and place?' My first subject was 'Construction machinery in Berlin'. After that, I photographed and described religious events and cultural landscapes.


My photo stories can be seen on this website.


I was born (1970) and raised in Leeuwarden (Netherlands). In Groningen (Netherlands) I studied fine arts at the school of arts Academie Minerva (1992-1998). Already during my study I used photography in art projects. After school I participated in various exhibitions in which I show paintings, installations and photographs.


In 1999 I went to Berlin for a photo project. The extensive infrastructure, many amenities and cultural diversity pleased me very well. That’s why I chose Berlin as my new hometown. After visiting the city regulary I moved to Berlin in 2001. And started working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer.


In 2007 I started a publishing company in postcards. Which is very small but runs well. I publish my own photos and the work of about forty other artists on postcards. In order to reach a wider audience, the postcard publishing house started its own online shop in 2020 under the name


Michel Meijer

Michel Meijer is working on his photo project about cultural landscapes. In the foreground is his camera, a Mamiya C330S.

photo: Radek Dabrowski