Celebration of Maria ascension in Jasna Góra

Jasna Góra (Luminous Mountain) is the most important national sanctuary of Poland. The fortress complex with monastery, chapels and basilica is located in the town of Częstochowa. In one of the chapels, the chapel of the miraculous statue of the Black Madonna - mother of Częstochowa, hangs the famous icon of the Black Madonna. This is the most important relic of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland and serves as the goal of pilgrimages.


Thousands of pilgrims walk in groups every year in August from their home in Poland to Częstochowa to celebrate the Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15). The pilgrims cover distances of several hundred kilometers in order to reach their goal. Their trips often last several weeks. During that time they usually spend the night in tents and are welcome in many places to set up their tent camp. The pilgrims make music and sing while walking.


Arriving at Jasna Góra, every pilgrim group is approached and welcomed by a priest standing on a balcony of the Maria Fortress. The pilgrims then enter the fortress to pay tribute to the icon of the Black Madonna.


Many pilgrims organize bus companies to take them home again. It also happens that after their journey pilgrims are received by family and/or friends and are taken home by car.